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Naturally curious and driven, photography inspires me to reflect passion and honesty back to my lens. I’m particularly interested in creating story driven pictures, although having a camera inspires me to look for beautiful and compelling pictures under any circumstance.

Growing up in Sacramento, CA, my background consists of an extensive mixture of video and photography, dating back to 2007 when I was making skate videos alongside my friends. By senior year of high school I’d been published by several skate magazines, shooting and traveling between Seattle and San Diego, and in 2014 I earned my BFA for Professional Photography from Brooks Institute. That same year, I filmed and directed my first music video, shot my first full-length international catalogue, moved cross country to New York, NY and have lived and worked here full-time since.

Regarding cinematography, I pride myself on producing creative, conceptual and technical work. While I enjoy all types of projects including TV commercials and music videos, I specifically hope to work with teams that want to promote social consciousness and equality in a creative way.

So far my work has been published by brands such as Estee Lauder, Saks Fifth Avenue, KITH, Bloomingdales, Moschino, Shea Moisture, Lord & Taylor, Elle Germany, Vogue Australia and Vogue Italy, to name a few.

Services: Director of Photography (DP), Photographer, Editor and Colorist.